The Argentine e-cigarette association Asovape Argentina and the World E-Cigarette Alliance have issued an open letter to Argentina’s newly elected President Javier Milei, calling for the repeal of Regulation No. 3226/2011 of the National Agency for Medicines, Food and Medical Technology, which prohibits the commercialization of e-cigarettes.

The regulations prohibit the import, distribution, marketing, advertising and promotion of e-cigarettes and took effect on May 6, 2011.

The open letter explains that numerous studies conducted since the e-cigarette ban came into effect have shown that e-cigarettes carry significantly reduced risks and are useful for quitting smoking, and that the health risks of nicotine are also low. The ban is incompatible with respect for the personal freedoms of adults in Argentina and the rights of users and smokers to the free development of their personality, information and health.

It is understood that Argentina’s cigarette use rate is 24.5%, which is the second highest country in Latin America and one of the countries with the highest cigarette use rate in the world.

Policy manager of the World Federation of Vapers said: “Argentina has one of the most restrictive vaping restrictions in the entire region and therefore one of the highest smoking rates, second only to Chile, which has just passed a law regulating e-cigarettes. The law allows adults to use e-cigarettes to quit smoking, and Brazil is working to do the same. Argentina should not lag behind and should respect smokers who choose to consume nicotine in less harmful ways.”

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