Why is smoking prohibited in controlled areas such as apron areas and bridges?

Why is smoking prohibited in controlled areas such as apron areas and bridges?

First of all, passengers who smoke often carry lighters and other tinder. When these tinder are used, if they come into contact with flammable items such as cosmetics carried by passengers, they will generate fire sources, seriously affecting the flight safety of the flight. Secondly, if these fire sources burn and enter the aircraft’s hydraulic system, power system, air-conditioning system, etc., they will cause the danger of aircraft crash and death. Finally, because a certain amount of fuel evaporates during aircraft refueling and maintenance, smoking in airport control areas such as apron areas and boarding gates is also extremely dangerous.

If Vape does not use an open flame, why can’t it be smoked in the airport control area?

First of all, since the cabin is a closed environment, harmful substances caused by smoking vape may pollute the cabin environment. Secondly, the smoke detection system on the aircraft is very sensitive. The smoke generated by smoking a vape is very likely to trigger the smoke detection system on the aircraft, causing major safety hazards to the aircraft flight. Finally, Vape’s E-liquid, like lithium electronic batteries, has certain dangers. It will cause heat during use and is prone to fire or explosion. It is also easy to cause safety problems even in airport areas, boarding gates and other locations. threaten.

VECEE reminds passengers: Civil aviation safety is no small matter. For the health and safety of you and other passengers, it is strictly prohibited to smoke all kinds of cigarette products, including Vape, on civil aircraft, apron areas, terminals and other areas. If you need to smoke, it is best to smoke in the designated smoking area in front of the terminal before boarding the plane.

Service Manager – Miss. Zora Zhou

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