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VECEE Focuses on Providing Vapers Around the World with the Best Disposable Vapes.


10mI Prefilled Pod Starter Kit


10mI Prefilled Pod Starter Kit


Enhancement Inside Out


Vital & Exceptional! That’s the motto of VECEE. As a subsidiary brand of Shenzhen Yocan Technology Co., LTD, Maximizing the ease of use of E-cigarettes is our original intention in establishing VECEE
Since 2013, VECEE’s MAZE series, LUMOS series, NORA series, KIKO series, ELLO series, and FINO series have been very popular among consumers. We also have strong partnerships with key distributors in North America, Europe, Australia, South America, and the Middle East. VECEE always pays attention to the dynamic news and activities of all partner companies…FIND MORE


As a new generation of Chinese enterprises, VECEE is a young, well-educated, international background and well-managed team. VECEE is our vision for a better future and healthy life, and it is also our original intention since the establishment of the brand. VECEE has established a platform that can help each of us realize our dreams. Every idea and every effort we have has a solid foundation and is transformed into value creation.
At VECEE, we are happy and proud of what we do and are willing to communicate with partners and customers from all over the world. We are happy to share our training programs, and team news and are open…FIND MORE

Why Choose Us

As a professional one-stop e-cigarette industry manufacturer with 10 years of experience, VECEE has unique and outstanding capabilities in providing various types of vapes such as Disposable Vapes, Pod Systems, etc., and can meet the needs of global e-cigarette users.
From Disposable Vapes to Disposable Vapes, from Mesh Coil to Drip Tip, from 2ml to 18ml, and 600puffs to 9500puffs, each series of VECEE has more than 10 flavors, and can also provide customized services according to your needs, providing a one-stop solution.
VECEE’s product design starts from scratch, from scratch to perfection, and grows together with the company. At present, it has established…FIND MORE


We are your voice, from pre-sales communications to sales communications, from after-sales complaints to customer review feedback, VECEE continuously collects all kinds of questions from customers, no matter questions on products, business terms, marketing, or management-related, helping VECEE and customers to know each other better and grow up together.
VECEE is our vision for a better future and healthy life, and it is also the original heart we have been upholding since the beginning of the brand.
We are committed to providing users with high-quality life and healthy alternative solutions through e-cigarettes, creating a fashionable, fresh, and energetic lifestyle, and sharing joy and growing together…FIND MORE

Disposable Vapes | Discover VECEE’s Highly Valuable Disposable Vapes

As the Main Product of VECEE, VECEE Disposable Vapes is Committed to Providing the Best Disposable Vapes to E-Cigarette Users Around the World. Products Include VECEE LUMOS, VECEE NORA, VECEE KIKO, VECEE ELLO, VECEE FINO and Other Series.


Pod System | Explore VECEE’s Simple and Affordable Pod System.

Different cigarette cartridges of the VECEE VTEC PRO and VECEE MAZE series provide different flavor choices. VECEE Pod System kit is committed to creating pure, easy-to-use, and comfortable products to bring users a Pleasant user experience.


Accessories | VECEE Equipment is Affordable and Easy to Replace

VECEE provides corresponding drip tips, batteries, and other accessories to ensure that our users can purchase products with controllable raw materials and high safety. You can also purchase VECEE lanyards, POLO shirts, and other peripheral products.


New look VECEE official website upgraded

New Look: VECEE Official Website Upgraded

Recently, the VECEE disposable vape website was upgraded and launched globally. As a brand deeply loved by consumers, the launch of the new website immediately attracted attention…

The VECEE team poses with a VECEE advertisement


VECEE, a subsidiary brand of YOCAN Tech, focuses on providing vapers around the world with the best disposable vapes.

How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last

How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last? The average disposable vape lifespan lasts 200-12000 puffs, depending on factors like battery capacity and e-liquid volume.

VECEE Vape Juice Locking System logo

VECEE Vape Juice Locking System

The patented Juice Locking System(JLS Tech) is a new way of interpreting what vivid flavor is. Over hundreds of tests reconstructions and retests, we finally make this all-new structure…

VECEE MAZE10ml Prefilled Pod Starter Kit

VECEE MAZE Prefilled Pod Starter Kit Review

VECEE is a brand that mainly focuses on disposable vapes, but recently they’ve released a product that is a little bit different. The VECEE Maze is a pod starter kit that uses prefilled

One-Stop OEM Service

After ten years of unremitting efforts, YoCan has 50+ R&D teams and 500+ staff, 100,000 level GMP standard workshops, and 10,000+㎡ Production areas.