Hot News of the Week in the Global Vape Industry(Issue 3)

by | Dec 17, 2023

1. The British e-cigarette industry jointly signs a self-regulatory code of conduct

On December 11, the major manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in the British vape market jointly signed a self-regulatory code of conduct. The code is supervised by the Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) and regulates product marketing methods, product names, product flavors, etc. Made a series of specifications.

The self-regulatory code of conduct states that disposable vape products should not appeal to minors and makes it clear that vape sellers must ensure compliance with their recycling obligations and have a responsibility to encourage vaping consumers to recycle their products responsibly.

2. A fake vape manufacturing and sales den was destroyed in Dongguan, China.

Recently, the tobacco department, together with relevant law enforcement and regulatory authorities, destroyed a counterfeit vape manufacturing and sales den in Dongguan City. More than 90,000 cigarette cartridges and atomizer cores marked with a certain brand logo were found on site, and the amount involved was as high as more than 200 yuan. Ten thousand yuan. Five criminal suspects at the scene have been criminally detained by the public security on suspicion of illegal business operations and counterfeiting registered trademarks.

3. Texas bans vape packaging that attracts minors

A new law in Texas, the second most populous state in the United States, will make it illegal starting January 1, 2024, to sell vape products containing images of cartoons, fruits, other food or drinks in packaging Behavior.

Violations may result in a Class B misdemeanor conviction, punishable by up to six months in prison and a fine of up to $2,000. Retailers convicted of selling products in illegal packaging may also face civil penalties of up to $3,000 and have their sales licenses suspended or revoked.

4. Bode will build an electronic atomization industrial park in Foshan, China

Recently, three pieces of industrial land located in the East Extension Area of Zhizao Valley, Yundonghai Street, Sanshui District, Foshan City, were auctioned. The total area of the three pieces of industrial land sold this time was 161.4 acres. Among them, the Bode Electronic Atomization Industrial Park (Foshan) project plans to have a total investment of approximately 1.5 billion yuan and a land area of approximately 87.2 acres.

The project will focus on the R&D and manufacturing of electronic atomization equipment. It will build electronic atomization products and their upstream and downstream products, as well as medical devices related to electronic atomization technology and their upstream and downstream products, and build an electronic atomization industry R&D and manufacturing base.

5. UK Labor Party may adopt prescription e-cigarette scheme similar to Australia’s

According to foreign media predictions, if the British Labor Party wins the next election, it may follow Australia’s e-cigarette product prescription plan, which requires a doctor’s prescription to purchase and use e-cigarettes, and bans nicotine-free e-cigarettes and non-tobacco flavors. vape.

6. Japan will increase taxes on heated tobacco products

On December 12, the Japanese government submitted a proposal to the Executive Committee of the Liberal Democratic Party’s Tax Research Committee, proposing to increase taxes on heated tobacco products to the same tax level as cigarettes. The increased taxes will be used to strengthen national defense capabilities. Japan’s current tax on heated tobacco products is about 30% lower than that on combustible cigarettes. The proposal will be included in the ruling party’s tax reform outline to be compiled this week.


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