Vape Market: What’s the Difference Between Vape Mods and Pod Kits?

by | May 14, 2024

If you are a new vape player or interested in vaping, these terms may be confusing to you.

A vape is a battery-powered atomizer that heats the e-liquid in the atomization tank. Vape does not need to be burned, it only produces “steam” without tar and carbon monoxide, which makes some people in the medical field believe that it is a potential nicotine substitute. Electronic cigarettes are also called vape or Vaping.

There are many types of vapes, with Vape Mods and Pod Kits being two different types of devices. While they may look similar in appearance, they are actually distinct and serve slightly different purposes. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between Vape Mods and Pod Kits and the pros and cons of each so you can better choose the one that suits your preferences.

What are Vape Mods?

Vape Mods, also known as box mods, are large, adjustable power and temperature vape devices. They are generally designed to be larger, have higher battery capacity, and offer more customization options.

Advantages of Vape Mods:

Powerful power and temperature adjustment functions can be adjusted according to personal preference

Larger battery capacity, longer use time

More personalized customization options, such as replacing atomizer cores, adjusting airflow, etc.

Provide more advanced features for users seeking unique experiences

Disadvantages of Vape Mods:

Larger size and weight, less portable

Complex operation, may take some getting used to

Nicotine salt is not allowed as it can damage the tank. If you want to use this type of e-liquid, then you should use a pod kit.

What is a Pod Kit?

VECEE‘s vape pod is a small, lightweight vape device that uses pre-filled or refillable small containers (called Pods). Pod kits are generally very simple to use, also known as pod systems, pod mods, and closed-pod systems, suitable for novices or those looking for a no-frills smoking experience. The design of pod kits focuses on portability and convenience. Pod kits often use disposable Pods, and users only need to replace the Pods to continue using them. This design makes the Pod Kit ideal for everyday carry and travel use.

Advantages of Vape Kits:

• Size and Portability: The Pod Kit is perfect for those who want to smoke on the go, with a more refined size and silky smooth feel that fits easily into your pocket or backpack, taking you wherever you want to go.

Easy to use: Pod systems are usually simple to operate, without complicated settings and adjustments, and novice users can get started quickly.

• Plug and play: Most Pod systems adopt a plug-and-play design. You only need to plug the Pod into the device to use it, and it is also very convenient to replace the Pod.

• Customized service: VECEE’s pod system supports airflow adjustment, child lock and other functions. The latest VC series is equipped with a TFT high-definition color screen. You can feel the cool dynamic effects of the screen with every puff, and more puffs or More or less nicotine will satisfy you.

VECEE VC CYBER 8000puffs Pod System Exploded View-1.44TFT color screen

Disadvantages of Vape Kits:

• Short battery life: Unfortunately, most Pod systems have less than 800mAh and require a lot of charging. Unless you are a slow vape enthusiast, this will be a problem.

• Prepopulated Pods Restricted: For those pod systems that only accept prepopulated pods, there are flavor restrictions. If they only come in six different flavors, you’ll only be able to use those flavors forever until you get a new unit. (But this is not a problem in VECEE. VECEE VC series products: VC TERSE, VC TECH, and VC CYBER can be used as universal Pods. One device can enjoy the flavors of three products, and you can easily switch between different flavors)

Disposable Pod or Refillable Pod?

There is another aspect of vape pods that you should pay attention to – disposable prefilled pods vs. refillable pods.

Refillable pods are a little more cumbersome and require more effort to get the e-liquid into the pod. However, users can also DIY e-liquid according to their own preferences, which greatly meets the needs of some users.

In most cases, refillable pods are cheaper. However, depending on how much you vape and how quickly you use up your e-liquid, using disposable pods may not be that expensive.

Generally speaking, both options are cheaper than using mods, since with mods you have to refill the tank and replace the coil a few times a month.

In Conclusion

When it comes to choosing between a vape mod and a pod kit, it all comes down to your personal preference.

If you want a customizable experience, mods are the way to go. On the contrary, if you want to vape on the go and enjoy a fast and easy experience, then VECEE’s pod system may be more suitable for you.

When it comes to vaping, the choice is yours. Hopefully you now know all the information you need to make an informed decision between vape mods and pod kits.


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