If you often read about vaping, you may often come across two technical terms: Mouth to Lung (MTL) and Direct to Lung (DTL) . Many people have left comments or private messages under VECEE articles asking about the difference between MTL and DTL. As a senior practitioner in the vape industry with 11 years of experience, VECEE will answer these questions for everyone. This article will introduce in detail the concepts of MTL and DTL, their respective advantages and disadvantages. 

How to Vape?

Mouth to Lung (MTL) and Direct to Lung (DTL) are the two most common inhalation methods. Different inhalation methods will give users different experiences. MTL is very similar to our daily smoking technique when using cigarettes, while DTL is that the smoke does not stay in the mouth and is directly inhaled into the lungs.

What is Mouth to Lung (MTL)?

MTL, as the name suggests, means that the smoke first stays in the mouth for a period of time and then is inhaled into the lungs; just like drinking a drink through a straw, it uses the pressure in the mouth to suck it into the mouth. Compared with lung inhalation, precisely because the smoke will stay in the user’s mouth for a longer time, when using MTL, users will also have a more detailed and subtle taste experience of the taste of e-liquid.

This method is mostly used by vape players instead of cigarette smokers. After all, MTL is very similar to our daily smoking techniques when using cigarettes. When just starting to vape, it is generally recommended that players start with MTL and gradually adapt to it before using lung inhalation.

MTL mostly uses high-resistance atomizer equipment above 1Ω. The output power of this type of atomizer is generally below 15W, and the nozzle of the equipment is narrower than some low-resistance atomizers. Choose this type of equipment. Most users will use e-liquids with higher PG (propylene glycol) and nicotine content to create a throat hit experience similar to cigarettes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of MTL


Simulates the traditional smoking experience: The Mouth to Lung method is very similar to the smoking technique of traditional cigarettes, making it easier for smokers to adapt and accept. Able to create a similar smoking experience.

Better taste control: MTL can better control the residence time of smoke in the mouth, allowing you to feel the taste and texture of e-liquid more delicately.

Smoother nicotine delivery: Under the MTL method, the absorption of nicotine is relatively smooth, and there will be no overly strong irritation.

Saves e-liquid: Due to the slow inhalation, the evaporation rate of e-liquid is also relatively slow, and the same amount of e-liquid can be used for a longer time.

Suitable for novices: For vape novices, the operation of MTL is relatively simple and easier to master and adapt to.

Low equipment requirements: MTL does not require too much equipment output power, which can avoid overheating problems during equipment use.


Less amount of smoke: Compared with lung inhalation, the amount of smoke produced by MTL will be relatively small, which cannot meet the needs of some users who pursue large smoke.

Slower absorption of nicotine: Since the smoke only stays in the mouth, the absorption rate of nicotine will be slower than that of direct inhalation into the lungs.

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What is Direct to Lung (DTL)?

DTL refers to the inhalation method of inhaling the smoke directly from the vape into the lungs, just like taking a deep breath every day. The dense smoke will instantly fill the lungs, giving the user a more intense impact experience. The experience of using DTL is similar to that of hookah. DTL can inhale more smoke at one time than oral inhalation, so the smoke exhaled is much larger than oral inhalation. A large amount of smoke will give users a richer and fuller taste experience.

Since the amount of smoke is larger, the roaring sensation will be more obvious during DTL. Most users who use DTL will choose e-liquid products with higher VG content and lower nicotine content to reduce the impact of the smoke on the throat.

Advantages and Disadvantages of DTL


Greater smoke production: Compared with oral inhalation, DTL can produce more smoke, which can better meet the needs of users who pursue large smoke volume.

Faster Nicotine Absorption: By inhaling smoke directly into the lungs, nicotine will be absorbed faster, satisfying smokers’ needs faster.

Stronger stimulation: The stimulation produced by DTL will be stronger and can bring a fuller smoking experience.


Not suitable for novices: For some novice users or users who are more sensitive to irritation, the strong stimulation of DTL may cause discomfort.

Rapid absorption of nicotine: Rapid absorption of nicotine under DTL may lead to excessive intake, dizziness and other discomforts.

The operation is more difficult: Compared with oral suction, DTL requires higher operating skills and requires a certain amount of practice to master.

High power requirements of the equipment: To generate a large amount of smoke, the power requirements of the equipment are high, which may cause problems such as heating of the equipment.

For example, MTL is like drinking red wine and enjoying it slowly, while DTL is like drinking beer in a big bottle. It is worth noting that novice vape players recommend MTL, otherwise they will easily choke, and they should wait until they are proficient in operation before choosing DTL. Whether it’s MTL or DTL, whatever suits you is the best.

Reasons to use Vape

Obviously, vape has become the best choice for adults to quit smoking. The vape was originally invented to reduce dependence on cigarettes. Compared with traditional cigarettes, vape may have fewer harmful substances and may have less impact on health. It has its advantages and disadvantages. But it’s a great option for people who need to quit smoking. Vaping is thought to reduce the harm caused when you choose to smoke. Due to its odorless properties, it is very popular in public places, offices and other places, and does not produce soot, odor and other problems. Vape’s various flavors of e-liquid can also meet your different taste needs. Speaking of saving money, it’s 70% cheaper than smoking.

Which Brand of Vape Should I Try?

It is important to find a proven and high-quality vape brand to ensure you have a high-quality experience. You can also get more news on vape forums or offline exhibitions. It’s best to experience several different types of products to compare. VECEE vaporizer products are recommended here. VECEE is committed to providing high-quality, safe and reliable vape products to meet consumers’ needs for tobacco alternatives. Well-known brands in the vape industry have more than 11 years of industry experience. VECEE can provide you with better sales Pre-sales and after-sales service.

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