There are various types of vapes available on the market, and disposable vapes are the most convenient option. They are suitable for users who don’t like to worry about maintenance issues. Just replace them with a new one after use. The Pod system is designed to be small and lightweight, easy to operate and maintain, and nowadays, most products are equipped with smart screens to bring you a new vape experience.

In fact, no matter what type of vape, you may encounter some minor glitches. What do you do when your disposable vape doesn’t draw well or the Pod system fails? This article will provide you with the answer. We will sort out the problems you may encounter when using vape and share some simple troubleshooting steps to help you solve these problems.

How to fix a vape that isn’t pumping

If a brand-new disposable vape or pod system isn’t working, the first thing you should do is check if there’s a sticker on the air intake (usually on the bottom of the device). The sticker protects the device during shipping and should be removed before using the device. If you’ve already done this, try to pump hard – this could be because the device’s pump sensor is stuck or not sensitive enough.

Check the pod system to make sure it’s properly installed, and the device’s battery level, and clean the connection part of the device to make sure the coil and battery are making good contact.

If your vape is broken on arrival and can’t be returned to the retailer or manufacturer, you can try disassembling the device and checking for assembly issues. Under the mouthpiece, there should be a fabric pad that absorbs condensation and a silicone gasket that controls the flow of e-liquid and air. Both the pad and gasket have holes in the center to allow air to pass through the device. If they’re misaligned, the device won’t pump. Realign the pad and gasket to create a hole in the center. When you replace the mouthpiece, you may find that the device will start to work.

How to unlock a locked vape

When using VECEE’s VC VERSE, VC TECH, and VC CYBER e-cigarettes, you may have accidentally activated the child lock feature. To unlock, quickly unplug and plug the Pod three times. You can turn the child lock feature on or off by quickly unplugging and reinserting the Pod three times. This simple operation allows you to conveniently control the safety lock feature of your device.

How to fix a flickering vape

If your vape flickers while you’re using it, it’s likely that the battery is dead. However, many vapes also come with puff limiters to prevent overheating. So if your device loses power and starts flickering during a long puff, it means you need to puff for a shorter period. However, if the device flickers and gets hot, it’s likely that the battery is dead. In some cases, if you stop using the device for a while, the ions in the battery redistribute and the battery recovers a small amount of voltage. In this case, you should plan to replace the device or recharge it immediately, regardless.

Why does my liquid spill or leak?

As we mentioned above, vapes have internal components that absorb condensation and help keep the e-liquid in place. Still, excess e-liquid can collect on top of the device—in which case, vape liquid may leak or spray out of the mouthpiece as you vape. The good news about a sputtering or leaking disposable vape is that you can control the problem simply by vaping slightly differently.

Can I refill my vape?

If your device is a disposable vape, it is not suitable for refilling. If it is a pod system, such as VC VERSE, VC CYBER, MAZE, or other pod systems, you can just replace the pod. However, it is worth mentioning that VECEE’s VC series is compatible with pods, so you can enjoy the flavors of multiple devices with one device. If your vape device is open, such as VECEE VC30 PRO, which uses a refillable pod, you can DIY fill it with your favorite e-liquid flavor.

VECEE 650mAh 8000puffs Pod System Series Product Map Banner
VECEE VC30 PRO Open Pod System 6 colors available

Can I recharge my vape?

Currently, most disposable vapes and pod systems can only be recharged, except for some small-capacity disposable vapes. When the battery is exhausted, the e-liquid is also used up.

How to make your vape last longer

If you want to get the most out of your vape, try these two tips.

• When you vape, take short puffs. The number of puffs a vape claims is usually based on the assumption that each puff is about one second long. If you puff longer than that, you’ll get fewer puffs than the packaging says.

• Don’t vape continuously; always let the device cool for a few seconds after each puff. If the battery overheats, it will drain faster.

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