Popular Science: Introduction and Classification of E-Cigarette Batteries

by | Dec 21, 2023

Basic knowledge of e-cigarette batteries

E-cigarette batteries use lithium batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have high energy density and high average output voltage. The self-discharge of a good e-cigarette battery is small, below 2% per month (recoverable). There is no memory effect. The wide operating temperature range is -20℃~60℃. It has excellent cycle performance, can charge and discharge quickly, has a charging efficiency of up to 100%, and has high output power. long lasting. It does not contain toxic or harmful substances and is called a green battery. The working voltage of a single battery is as high as 3.7-3.8V (lithium iron phosphate is 3.2V), which is three times that of old nickel-metal hydride batteries. Moreover, lithium-ion batteries have a long cycle life, generally reaching more than 500 times, or even more than 1,000 times, and lithium iron phosphate batteries can reach more than 2,000 times, saving a lot of usage costs.

Classification and indicators of e-cigarette batteries.

The first is the size of the e-cigarette battery. We often hear “18650”, “26650”, and “18350”. So what do these numbers represent? First of all, the general industry standard for battery models is to use 5 digits to mark them. The first two The digits are the diameter of the battery, the next two digits are the length of the battery, and the last digit is the shape of the battery. For example, the “18650” battery, according to the above description, is a “0” cylindrical battery with a diameter of “18” mm and a length of “65” mm. (Some manufacturers now omit the last digit “0”. Because the actual meaning is not very big, you can distinguish the shape of the battery by seeing the appearance of the battery. Another example is the “26650” battery, which has a diameter of “26” mm , a “0” cylindrical battery with a length of “65” mm. “18350” is a battery with a diameter of “18” mm and a length of “35” mm.
“0” cylindrical battery. From the data, we can know that the lengths of “26650” and “18650” batteries are the same, but the diameter of “26650” batteries is thicker than that of “18650” batteries. The “18350” battery is shorter than the “18650” battery.
The most common battery used in e-cigarettes is “18650”. Of course, some mechanical levers can also use “18350” batteries. For example, the “pilot” mechanical stick is very compact after using “18350” batteries. Including the matching “HOBO” hobo oil dripping atomizer, the total length is only a little longer than one “18650” battery. Of course, there are also some special mechanical levers or pressure regulating levers that support “18500” batteries, so I won’t go into details here. Equipment that uses “26650” batteries includes some mechanical rods, and voltage regulator boxes that use 26650 batteries. The one that everyone is more familiar with is Claiborne’s “T6” box.

The meaning of the words and letters on the e-cigarette battery label

E-cigarette battery indicators: There are many professional indicators for batteries, such as capacity, discharge rate, positive electrode material type, internal resistance, etc. Many professional indicators are not used by ordinary users, so we will introduce a few of the more commonly used and main indicators.
Taking the “AW” battery as an example, first look at the printed content on the outer skin of the e-cigarette battery to roughly understand some information about the battery. “IMR” battery, also known as lithium manganese oxide (LIMN) battery, is the safest battery currently available for e-cigarettes. Because it uses safe chemical raw materials, IMR batteries do not require protection circuits, and IMR batteries can withstand greater Although it will leak due to pressure and impact, it reacts much better than the ICR battery. When the protection circuit of the ICR battery fails, a violent chemical reaction will occur when the ICR battery leaks, causing fire or even explosion.
“18650” is the size model of e-cigarette batteries. “3.7V” refers to the voltage of the battery. “2000mAh” refers to the battery’s capacity of 2000 mAh. (Work at 7.4w power for one hour).

Batteries are an important component of e-cigarette products and an indispensable part of the e-cigarette supply chain. Currently, the categories of e-cigarette batteries on the market include cylindrical soft-pack batteries, square soft-pack batteries and cylindrical steel-shell batteries.

Among them, soft pack batteries have many advantages such as good safety, high capacity, ultra-thin and lightweight, strong stability, high rate discharge, and flexible design. They are widely used in various portable e-cigarettes, such as cylindrical soft packs, Square soft bags are the mainstream.

E cigarette battery cylindrical soft bag

Cylindrical soft package

E cigarette battery square soft bag

Square soft bag

There are three types of e-cigarette battery cathode materials: pure cobalt series, ternary series, and mixed series of the two. The mainstream materials in the market are mainly pure cobalt, which has the advantages of high discharge voltage platform, large rate discharge, and high energy density. The voltage platform of pure cobalt is between 3.4-3.9V, and the discharge platform of ternary is mainly 3.6-3.7V. There are also high requirements for the discharge rate, with a discharge rate of 8-10C, such as the 13350 and 13400 models, which must achieve a continuous discharge capacity of 3A. The disadvantage of pure cobalt batteries is that they are slightly more expensive.

Models with large sales volume in the market include 08570 300mah, 13350 500mah, 13400 550mah, 17350 850mah, 18350 950mah, 651545 350mah, etc.


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