China’s Top Ten Vape Export Markets: All You Need to Know

by | Jan 25, 2024

In 2023, China will continue to maintain its advantage as the world’s largest vape manufacturer and exporter, with total exports of vape products reaching US$11.084 billion, compared with US$9.854 billion in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 12.50%.

In 2023, the United States will still be China’s largest vape export market, accounting for 27.98% with US$3.101 billion, followed by the United Kingdom. The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, Russia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, and the Philippines rank among the top ten markets for China’s vape exports. In 2023, China will export a total of 8.094 billion US dollars of vape to these ten countries, accounting for 73.02% of the total exports for the year.

Top 10 shares of Chinas vape export destination countries in 2023

The situation of China’s top ten major vape export markets in 2023 is shown in the following table:

Table of major markets for China’s e-cigarette exports in 2023
Ranking Market Export volume
(100 million U.S. dollars)
Export share Year-on-year comparison between 2023 and 2022
1 USA 31.01% 27.98% go up 0.40%
2 U.K. 14.17% 15.49% go up 17.99%
3 Germany 7.94% 7.16% go up 28.48%
4 South Korea 7.05% 6.36% go up 35.32%
5 Russia 5.22% 4.71% go down 0.76%
6 Malaysia 3.85% 3.47% go up 22.61%
7 Netherlands 3.76% 3.39% go up 46.30%
8 Canada 3.02% 2.72% go down 0.66%
9 Australia 2.92% 2.63% go up 47.47%
10 the Philippines 2.00% 1.80% go up 146.91%

Among them, China’s vape exports to seven countries: the United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Australia, and the Philippines have increased significantly, while the United States, Russia, and Canada have seen smaller fluctuations compared with 2022.


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