China’s Top Ten Vape Export Markets: All You Need to Know

by | Jan 25, 2024

In 2023, China will continue to maintain its advantage as the world’s largest vape manufacturer and exporter, with total exports of vape products reaching US$11.084 billion, compared with US$9.854 billion in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 12.50%.

In 2023, the United States will still be China’s largest vape export market, accounting for 27.98% with US$3.101 billion, followed by the United Kingdom. The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, Russia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, and the Philippines rank among the top ten markets for China’s vape exports. In 2023, China will export a total of 8.094 billion US dollars of vape to these ten countries, accounting for 73.02% of the total exports for the year.

Top 10 shares of Chinas vape export destination countries in 2023

The situation of China’s top ten major vape export markets in 2023 is shown in the following table:

Table of major markets for China’s e-cigarette exports in 2023
Ranking Market Export volume
(100 million U.S. dollars)
Export share Year-on-year comparison between 2023 and 2022
1 USA 31.01% 27.98% go up 0.40%
2 U.K. 14.17% 15.49% go up 17.99%
3 Germany 7.94% 7.16% go up 28.48%
4 South Korea 7.05% 6.36% go up 35.32%
5 Russia 5.22% 4.71% go down 0.76%
6 Malaysia 3.85% 3.47% go up 22.61%
7 Netherlands 3.76% 3.39% go up 46.30%
8 Canada 3.02% 2.72% go down 0.66%
9 Australia 2.92% 2.63% go up 47.47%
10 the Philippines 2.00% 1.80% go up 146.91%

Among them, China’s vape exports to seven countries: the United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Australia, and the Philippines have increased significantly, while the United States, Russia, and Canada have seen smaller fluctuations compared with 2022.


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  1. Brian A Magee

    I would like a brochure of all products and wholesale pricing starting in the few 100 units to tens or thousands. Per product espsecially disposable. I would like to start a franchise which I believe I can get the capital to make extremely massive in the US, right now the largest is 45 or so mortar stores in the biggest state, Texas. They don’t even have much of an online presence. This market will grow and grow I want to bring product in from China boxed and designed for Americans as well as flavoring which I have done massive research on stastistical flavoring preferred data for the US. I believe with other partners and lobbyists I at least know in Texas I can keep china’s product rolling in and delaying any moves to stop it. ESPECIALLY IN TEXAS, FLORIDA, CALIFORNIA. And even if the FDA put a hold on imports there is an end around with just a few minor changes on your assembly lines and packaging lines.i began using njoys maroon long pen as soon as it was first ecig on sale in US to stop smoking. Worked in 2 weeks but I kept vaping, my lungs cleared out. It was first sold here as a quit smoking option but government ended that sales claim. But I kept vaping knew it was going to be a huge gold mine for many years to come same year (they were using something basically the same in the UK for 10yrs before USA was involved. I was 19 at the time running my own OD Super load business I had just started. I went from person to person trying to convince anyone that would listen the massive amount of money this was going to be a niche market thaat would expand to a sectoase r. I wrote business plans, I did the same exact thing when bitcoin was 2$. Nobody would take me up on it I couldn’t get many VC meetings was nervous & do not think I made my case well. They liked my 20yr business plan but had massive reservations about liability, injury Suites, and u was only 2l1l19 at the time as well. E Cigarettes were drip 3 at a time. Short gross cartridges which werent cheap + the kits which broke east, no tanks of any type were even close to creation buy it was all in my 20yr business plan. Laid out and it happened just almost exactly as I had it put to paper. I’m 40 now, I have my own capital to invest I have focus group data, can keep Texas importing ecig/juice from China no matter the FDA. This business is still in its infancy even though it’s been in US for 20yrs and only with tanks for 9ys. The FDA can’t stop you from doing business in Texas and Florid as Well as other states where I know very friendly people towards this business because they know if done right it’s way better than tobacco products, they get their profits from this industry and this industry allows them to tax tobacco and look good bring in syaye revenue they will lobby and lobby & lobby to keep ecig choice rights for their republican district and these states have massive e populations with high numbers of your target audience and demographic. Ecig flavors are the ice cream that never stops for all ages. My story and business plan is way more in depth then I wrote here it goes back to when I was 19 running my own transportation business I owned while trying to sale everyone on a business plan incubating VCs and Investment Bankers wealthy ppl I knew who just couldn’t see it because the technology was literally a water w/ mesh to vape nasty overseas juice 3 drops at a time on a short lived battery and wasntbl much cheaper than tobacco anyways. I had this perfectly typed out explaining everything about my 20 yrs journey in in this business and how a rare heart heart condition killed me causedvme to lose my Transportation business for 15yrs ablnd duets 2 wonder drugs and a new surgery I’m back and money I saved I’m ready to invest and grow into a massive franchise. I know ppl who lobby, who have interests in their own distribution of ecig related products and who pass laws and can and run arround FDA interference in states so large that they’d make up 75% of US sales combined. They know the potential and the massive numbers in this industry. They are very greedy. Smart abd ambitious nothing will come between them an east legal money. I would be a billionaire if 1 person would of agreed to my business plan and I put in minimal effort. These ppl know the numbers, they can keep China in a huge market share push the American companies out enough where their say means little and feds want in on action go. The USA is a great place to focus their legal money moving and hoarding while I take my cuts and you sale a lot of products in the biggest states there are.

    I wrote much more in much more detail but I can barely see the color difference on this form. I want to use the money I was able to scrape and save through my pension after injury lost me my business and throw ALOT of money into the new ecjigs which are disposable. 40 chained stores in texas in 5 years have been done. I think I can beat that and annihilate them all online because their IT, Kubernetes, Pay and inventory systems suck because they are cheap. Auto order as needed then run short. Should always order more than you need in this business any extra will sale. Especially if you know chemistry like myself and know how to properly store is super clean room with slight vaccumes and Ozone/UV detoxification the items will never go bad (they have to be blocked from UV light via myar obviously. Anyways please ignore typos I have big fingers small keyboard and can be barely see the color difference in background of letter font color. Please as much info as you can give me on your operations. Offerings in wholesale, price shifts by order size & frequency. All the variations of everything so I can check against the database I made for people @ certain decade ranges in specific American regions to get a heat map patters of whate colors go best and worst where, what’s used less/ most where regardless of life. Just location and where those locations are and why. Again please excuse horrible writing mistakes but u can barely see I will rewrite concisely in an email if I’m sent one from you. Would also like to know how well the Chinese vaping companies collaborate. Thanks sincerely
    Brian Magee

    • Zora

      Thank you very much for your comment. I have verified that I have read the content and we will contact you.


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