What is a Throat Hit? What are the Factors that Affect Throat Hit?

by | Apr 9, 2024

What is a Throat Hit?

Electronic cigarettes are also called vape. Many smoking and vape enthusiasts know the term throat hit, and some enthusiasts even love the flavor of e-liquid with a strong throat hit. So what exactly is a throat hit?

Throat hit refers to the irritating feeling in the throat when inhaling vape or other smoke. It feels like the throat is “hit” by the smoke. A heavy “hit” means a strong throat hit and greater irritation; a light “hit” means a weak throat hit and a softer entrance. It can also be simply understood as “choking”. For those new vape users, the throat hit feeling is more like an uncomfortable tickling sensation in the throat; but for those experienced players, they are accustomed to it and enjoy it.

What are the Factors that Affect Throat Hit?

So what is the reason that causes smoke to hit the throat? When we explore where the throat hit comes from, we need to return to the essence of electronic atomization liquid. Analyze its components and trace the source of your feelings.

  • Nicotine Content

It is known that nicotine content plays a significant role in the perception of throat hit. Usually, the higher the concentration of nicotine, the greater the irritation to the throat and the stronger the throat hit, and vice versa.

However, even atomized liquids with the same nicotine content will bring different throat hit experiences due to different nicotine purity. High-purity nicotine has faster release and absorption efficiency, and its throat hit will be stronger.

Women, in particular, are more sensitive to the throat hit caused by nicotine. Calculated according to traditional cigarettes, 3mg is equivalent to half a pack of cigarettes. If you smoke one pack of cigarettes a day, 6mg is more appropriate. If you smoke about three packs a day, you can choose 13mg. However, high nicotine can cause dizziness, nausea and other symptoms, so you still have to act within your ability.

  • Ratio of VG and PG

VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol) are the two main ingredients in e-cigarette liquid. VG provides smoother smoke, while PG provides a stronger throat hit. PG has a certain irritation and can cause throat contraction. Therefore, atomized liquids with high PG content will cause a stronger throat hit. Click to learn more about PG and VG.

  • Flavoring Agents in E-liquid

As the main flavor source of electronic atomization liquid, the comprehensive effect of flavors and fragrances will bring a rich flavor experience. At the same time, there are also some special spices, such as mint, citrus, tobacco flavor or cooling agent, etc., which will also produce a certain irritation and cooling sensation in the throat during the inhalation process, and will also cause a throat hit.

The feeling is similar to the irritation of the throat from nicotine and tar when smoking. For many vape users, the throat hit is an important factor in their choice of vape, as it can provide an experience similar to smoking.

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  • Vape Device Power Size

The power of the atomizing device has a crucial impact on the amount of smoke. When the power of the vape device is higher, more abundant and higher-temperature atomized smoke will burst out, resulting in a stronger throat hit. Of course, if you want less stimulation, you can reduce the power for a softer puffing experience.

  • Vape Device Airflow Adjustment Settings

The air inlet hole of the vape device can provide a channel for gas circulation, deliver the smoke to the mouth and adjust its richness, and can also reduce the temperature of the coil and smoke, so the airflow setting of the vape also has a certain impact on the throat hit feeling. The larger the air inlet, the more and thicker the smoke inhaled, the greater the irritation to the throat and lungs, and the stronger the throat hit feeling will be.

  • Individual Constitution

Everyone’s throat sensitivity is different, and the sensation of throat hit will also be different. Some people may be more sensitive to nicotine or other ingredients, so they may experience a stronger throat hit.

In order to find the vape product that best suits their throat hit, users usually need to try different brands of e-liquids with different nicotine contents and different VG/PG ratios, as well as adjust the device power and temperature settings. I think VECEE’s vape will be your first choice. VECEE allows users to adjust the concentration and temperature of the e-liquid according to their own preferences to find the most comfortable throat hit experience.

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