Are Vapes Harmful? Smokers Confused About its Relative Risks.

by | May 20, 2024

Many smokers fail to understand the comparative risks posed by vaping and traditional cigarettes, according to a new survey of 27,000 smokers in 28 countries conducted by Ipsos on behalf of We Are Innovation.

Currently, 74% of smokers worldwide incorrectly believe that vaping is as harmful or more harmful than smoking combustible cigarettes. This misinformation challenges public health messaging about vaping as a safer alternative to traditional smoking methods.

The survey found that countries including Brazil, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Kazakhstan had the highest percentage of smokers (more than 80%) who incorrectly believed that vaping was as harmful or more harmful than smoking. On the other hand, countries such as Italy, the Czech Republic, France and the United Kingdom demonstrated a more accurate understanding, although even in these countries, more than half of smokers still hold incorrect beliefs about the risks of vaping versus smoking.

“The consequences are serious,” said Federico N. Fernandez, CEO of We Are Innovation, in a statement. “If smokers incorrectly believe that vaping is no better than smoking, they are less likely to explore potentially lifesaving products as a means to quit harmful combustibles. Misinformation is stifling innovation and hindering smokers’ ability to escape the clutches of cigarettes.

Using vape to quit smoking

In recent years, vapes have become a very popular smoking cessation aid, and nicotine-containing vapes are far less harmful than cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes, also known as vaping or vapes, are far less harmful than cigarettes and can help you quit smoking completely. It is also one of the most effective smoking cessation tools. Because they deliver nicotine without burning tobacco.

Reasons why vape can help you quit smoking:

Nicotine replacement: Vape can provide nicotine, helping smokers gradually reduce their dependence on traditional tobacco cigarettes, thereby achieving the transition to quit smoking.

Imitate the action of smoking: vape is similar to traditional cigarettes in form and usage, making it easier for smokers to accept and gradually switch to using vape, thus reducing the demand for traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Gradually reduce the nicotine content: When using a vape, the user can gradually adjust the nicotine content used, helping the body adapt to the gradually reduced nicotine intake, and ultimately achieve the purpose of quitting smoking.

Eliminate the harm of second-hand smoke: The smell and steam emitted by vape are lighter than traditional cigarettes, and there is no harm to others from second-hand smoke, which helps reduce the impact on people around you.

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Are Vapes Harmful?

Vape itself does not contain tar, carbon monoxide or other harmful substances found in almost all cigarettes. It only contains nicotine, and nicotine itself is not very harmful. It just makes people feel addictive. Of course, you must be careful not to consume too much. If you smoke 8 packs a day, you will still get nicotine poisoning. Vape produces almost no second-hand smoke. What it does produce is a relatively small amount of smoke and mist that does not make people feel unpleasant. Its impact on the people around it is almost negligible compared with the second-hand smoke of real cigarettes. Vape can artificially control the nicotine content, gradually reduce the nicotine content during use, and cooperate with your own will, which may eventually achieve the effect of quitting smoking.

However, no matter what, vape is not a “healthy smoke”. Non-smokers and young people under 18 should not vape.

From the Journey of Quitting Vape to Discovering Infinite Possibilities

In the pursuit of a healthy life, vape, as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, provides many people with a new way to quit smoking. With the continuous innovation of science and technology, the vape industry has shown broad development space and infinite possibilities. Quality first and rich and diverse flavors have become one of the key elements of vape to attract consumers.

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