How Much will the Fine be for Smoking in Public Places in 2024?

by | Mar 12, 2024

Which public places will ban smoking in 2024?

Consumption of tobacco products in public places is regulated by federal laws regarding the protection of citizen health from the effects of environmental tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption, while local authorities may impose additional restrictions.

The following are some restrictions on smoking in public places:

Educational, medical, sports and cultural institutions: Smoking is prohibited in all these places.

Other public places: Smoking is also prohibited in hotels, government agencies, courts, train stations, playgrounds, gas stations and public transportation stations.

Transportation: Smoking is prohibited on airplanes, long-distance trains, commuter trains, buses and taxis. Smoking on rail platforms used for passengers boarding and alighting commuter trains can result in fines. Smoking is allowed near airports, train stations, ports and subway stations, but must be kept 15 meters away from the entrance.Click to view “Why is smoking prohibited in controlled areas such as apron areas and bridges?

Public areas: Smoking in elevators, entrances and other public areas will also result in fines. Additionally, neighbors may complain about smokers emitting smoke from open windows or balconies, especially for neighbors with young children or chronic illnesses such as asthma, who may claim tobacco smoke is harmful to their health.

Safe Smoking Places: When choosing a safe smoking place, consider not only the requirements of the Tobacco Control Act, but also fire safety rules. Smoking is prohibited in establishments where open flames or nicotine-containing products are used, and these establishments are often marked with a special sign showing a crossed-out cigarette or match.

Regulations on fines for smoking in public places in various countries in 2024

  • Russia

Smoking in public places will be punished by a fine of 500 to 1,500 rubles. If a smoker is caught smoking on the playground, he will be fined 2,000 to 3,000 rubles.

Fines can be issued multiple times throughout the day. Smoking tobacco and vapes, cigarillos, hookahs and other products are punishable. Responsibility for offenses begins at the age of 16.

If a smoker ignores not only anti-tobacco laws but also fire safety rules, he will face an additional fine of up to 15,000 rubles.

  • USA

Regulations vary by state and city, but usually range from $50-500.

  • France

The fine for smoking in public places is 68 euros.

  • U.K.

The fine for smoking in an enclosed or semi-enclosed public place is £200.

  • Spain

Fines for smoking in public places range from 30 to 600 euros.

  • Canada

Each province has different regulations, and the fine ranges from 100 to 500 Canadian dollars.

  • South Korea

The fine for smoking in public places is 100,000 won.

  • Thailand

The fine for smoking in public places is 2,000 baht.

  • Germany

Each state has different regulations, and the general fine is between 10 and 200 euros.

  • Australia

Each state has different regulations, with fines ranging from A$200 to A$550.

  • Singapore

Smoking in prohibited areas is subject to a fine of S$200.

  • India

Regulations vary from state to state, with fines ranging from 100 to 2,000 rupees.

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Who will impose fines for smoking in public places in 2024?

Only the police can bring smokers to justice. For example, if patrol officers see someone smoking in the wrong place, they will draft an administrative violation report.

Neighbors also have the right to call the police. If a resident of one of the apartments regularly smokes in the entrance, the other residents can go to the police station and write a statement or contact the local police. Violators will be warned or fined.

How to pay fines for smoking in public places in 2024

The deadline for paying the fine is 60 days. Fines can usually be paid by mailing a check, paying online, or in person at the relevant department. .

If the fine is not paid within the prescribed period, the amount of the fine will be doubled. Some jurisdictions may also impose a sentence of up to 15 days of arrest or up to 50 hours of forced labor.

If the smoker disagrees with the penalty, he can appeal the decision. Allow 10 days for this.

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