Hot News of the Week in the Global Vape Industry(Issue 6)

by | Jan 20, 2024

1. The British vape tax plan will be announced in the March budget

On January 18, Jinjia Shares announced that its subsidiary Shenzhen Yunpu Galaxy Technology Services Co., Ltd. plans to invest 500,000 pounds (approximately RMB 4.5 million) in the form of currency to establish its subsidiary in London, England. In addition, the subsidiary China Hong Kong International Tobacco Group Co., Ltd. increased its capital investment in Jinjia New Tobacco (Indonesia) Co., Ltd. by 65 billion Indonesian rupiah (approximately RMB 30 million) in the form of currency.

2. INNOKIN launches removable battery solution

On January 11, Vape company INNOKIN announced the launch of the Trine solution, which redefines the structure of the pod vape system, namely the atomizer, controller and removable battery. New Econ said that this solution extends the life cycle of the Vape device far beyond the life of a single battery, enabling safe recycling while ensuring the safe discharge of the battery before recycling.

3. SMOK appeals US FDA’s marketing denial order

On January 18, Shenzhen Avipus Technology Co., Ltd., the main company of the SMOK brand, announced that it had appealed against the US FDA’s marketing denial order for its open system Vape kits and related replacement parts. It has been submitted to the US Fifth Circuit for appeal. court.

4. Spain bans flavored heat-not-burn tobacco products

On January 16, the Spanish government approved a royal decree that would regulate heated tobacco products on an equal footing with traditional tobacco, banning all flavors. It is also mandatory to add warnings on labels about the health hazards of heated tobacco products. However, the new law only affects heated tobacco products and does not involve atomized vapes. The decree will officially enter into force three months after its publication in the State Gazette.

5. Singapore strengthens regulation of Vape

According to a recent report by the South China Morning Post, relevant departments in Singapore will strengthen the management of border checkpoints to prevent Vape from entering Singapore. In addition to border checkpoints, Singapore will also strengthen inspections in central business districts, shopping malls, parks, bars, clubs and other places. Illegal use of Vape will be subject to a fine of up to 2,000 Singapore dollars (approximately US$1,490).

6. Elfbar, Supreme and B&M team up to provide in-store Vape recycling bins

Recently, Vape company Supreme partnered with global Vape brand Elfbar and the UK’s leading discount chain B&M to launch more than 700 in-store Vape recycling bins in January. This is the UK’s first comprehensive Vape recycling program across a national retail chain, allowing consumers to dispose of used Vape products here.


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