• US FDA issues warning letters to seven online vape retailers

On November 9, the US FDA issued warning letters to seven online retailers selling unauthorized vape products. Brian King, director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, said: “FDA’s rigorous surveillance of the vape space helps us identify products that appeal to young people and take swift action to protect public health. Our goal is to identify, prevent, and reduce these risks before they escalate. The risks to our country’s young people.”

  • Korean tobacco companies increase vape production capacity

Korea Tobacco Company recently expanded its Shintanjin factory and established a vape production innovation center. The company built three new vape production lines this year, bringing the total number of vape production lines to eight, and established an automated warehouse that can store 360,000 boxes of vape.

Korea Tobacco also announced that it will focus its strategy on the international expansion of vape, heated cigarettes, and cigarette businesses. They plan to strive to have new tobacco products account for more than 60% of their total revenue by 2027 through investment and innovation activities.

  • Nanning, China cracked a “fruit-flavored” vape case worth over one million yuan

Recently, the Nanning Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in China and the Nanning Public Security Bureau uncovered an illegal online sales case of vape containing “fruity” ingredients. The physical value involved was about 1.01 million yuan, cutting off a road spanning Guangxi and Guangdong provinces. The supply chain of illegal vape products.

It is understood that at the scene of the network closing operation on October 25, the task force successfully captured the criminal suspect Zhang Mouyun in a community in Xixiangtang, Nanning City, and seized 4,431 fruit-flavored cigarette cartridges, 2,710 smoking utensils, and disposable There were 3,418 vapes, 10,559 in total, and the value of the goods involved was more than 1.01 million yuan.

  • Ukraine seizes 17,000 smuggled vape products

According to foreign media reports, the Ukrainian Border Customs and Economic Security Service recently seized 17,000 illegal vape products. This batch of undeclared and untaxed vapes tried to be transported into Ukraine from Poland, with a market value of approximately 6.2 million hryvnia ( Approximately RMB 1.25 million). Currently, the customs has further investigated this case.

  • MAZAJ, ARAB VAPE, and ELFBAR will appear at the 2024 Bahrain International Vape Exhibition

The Bahrain International Vape Exhibition, hosted by Sawa Services Co. and with Chiyang Exhibition as the exclusive agent in China, will be held from January 18th to 20th, 2024. The well-known vape retail dealers in the Middle East, VAPETIME, ARAB VAPE, and the well-known vape brand ELFBAR have been confirmed for the Exhibition.
It is reported that the Bahrain International Vape Exhibition has been successfully held many times. The organizer has rich exhibition experience and professional exhibition capabilities. At present, the Bahrain Exhibition has become one of the largest and most important vape exhibitions in the Middle East.

  • Australia seizes 35 tons of illegal vapes

Over the past month, joint operations by the Australian Border Force (ABF) and Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) have uncovered more than 35 tonnes of vape products suspected of containing nicotine at the border. The TGA estimates that more than 92 percent of vape products are illegal, with a market value of more than $11 million. At present, the ABF and TGA are still working closely with states and regions to crack down on illegal vape products in accordance with current regulatory laws.

  • Wuxin Technology obtained AAA quality credit management certification

On November 8, the National Certification and Accreditation Information Public Service Platform of the China State Administration for Market Regulation showed that RELX Technology (RELX) passed the two recommended national standard certifications of “Enterprise Quality Credit Evaluation Indicators” and “Excellent Performance Evaluation Criteria” and became a China’s first vape brand enterprise to obtain AAA quality credit management certification.


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