According to a CNBC report on December 26, the e-cigarette industry has developed rapidly in the past decade, while the traditional cigarette market continues to shrink. However, due to the dependence and addiction of young people on vapes and the increasing number of addicts, the e-cigarette industry is facing a major review, and governments at all levels are planning to restrict the sales of disposable vapes.

Marcus Saxton, CEO of UK vape company Totally Wicked and chairman of the Independent British Vape Trade Association, said: “The UK vape market is worth $3 billion to $4 billion. Between. According to estimates and intelligence tips, the illicit market may account for as much as two-thirds of the total market.”

The latest customs data shows that China’s exports of British vape in November were approximately US$95.24 million, a month-on-month decrease of 20.89%.

After alarming governments around the world, the UK is now faced with the challenge of tackling vaping among young people. While the country has relied on vapes for years to help adult smokers quit, with remarkable success, the issue has become nuanced and tense.

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The status of vape among young people

Smoking rates among young people in the UK are falling steadily, according to the latest national statistics from the National Health Service (NHS) for the year 2021. However, a 2023 survey by Action on Smoking Health (ASH) showed that the number of young people smoking vape has been significantly increasing. Among minors aged 11 to 17, 20.5% have tried vaping, while the proportion of regular users will increase from 3.1% in 2022 to 3.7%.

Faced with this trend, the British Department of Health and Social Affairs (DHSC) proposed to Parliament in October 2023 to strengthen the protection of future generations from the harm of smoking through smoking laws. In a document called “Stop Start: Our new plan for creating a smoke-free generation”, the DHSC expressed concern about the “rise in vaping among young people”, with particular concern that reliance on nicotine could have long-term harmful effects on health.

The DHSC is therefore calling on the government to reflect on a range of measures including flavor restrictions, tighter regulation of point-of-sale displays, revisions to vape product packaging and display regulations, restrictions on single-use vapes, and the extension of these regulations to nicotine-free vape products. These measures are consistent with similar measures in France’s anti-tobacco plan (PNLT 2023-2027).

Vaping’s place among adult smokers

While the results of the public consultation are still pending, the Department of Health has highlighted the effectiveness of vapes in helping adult smokers quit smoking. The latest evidence shows vapes are an effective smoking cessation tool, twice as effective as existing licensed nicotine replacement therapies at a fifth of the cost, according to a DHSC report. Adverse effects associated with vaping are rare and are equally rare compared to nicotine replacement therapy.

Although UK smoking prevalence has dropped to 12.9% (just 6.4 million smokers), the Department of Health remains convinced that vaping is vital to reducing the risks of smoking and helping adult smokers quit. The Department of Health confirms that policy needs to strike a fair balance between protecting young people and supporting adult smokers.

Vaping for medical purposes, Britain’s unique position

The Department of Health and Social Affairs is focusing on “medicinal” vapes, hoping to strengthen the medical industry to provide adult smokers with help to quit smoking. UK regulator MHRA has expressed its willingness to support future medically licensed vape products. In addition, activities such as the “Exchange Quit” mentioned in the report have also been supported.

Ultimately, the UK hopes to develop policies that are fair and reliable, supported by public consultation and comprehensive data. The difference from other countries is that the UK is obviously more cautious, showing its uniqueness in its deviation from European regulations and the formulation of its smoking cessation policy. DHSC stressed that once consultations are completed, legislation will be introduced as soon as possible to maintain the country’s traditional focus on impartiality and reliable data support.

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Latest regulatory information:

  • United States:

Effective January 1, 2024, New York State will implement new marketing rules for vape manufacturers:
Vape manufacturers and distributors are prohibited from selling or marketing vape-branded merchandise (other than actual vapes or accessories). The ban specifically excludes retailer point-of-sale promotions.

Gifts in exchange for purchasing vape are prohibited.

Sponsorship of sports, music, arts, social or cultural events or teams bearing branded vape images or logos is prohibited. Sponsorships using company names are allowed.

  • Netherlands:

From January 1, 2024, vapes with flavors such as ketchup, bubble gum or cherry will no longer be sold in the Netherlands. The flavor ban is one of the government’s measures to curb the rise of vaping, especially among younger users.

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) will start enforcing the spice ban immediately from January, as sellers have a year to adapt to the new rules. Only e-cigarettes with tobacco flavor can be sold.


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