Panama’s Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that Panama’s law banning the sale of all vape products is unconstitutional. The ruling, released last week, came in response to a lawsuit filed by the Panamanian Association for Tobacco Harm Reduction (ARDT Panama), a vape consumer advocacy group.

Act 315 bans the sale and import of all vape and heated tobacco products, whether or not they contain nicotine. The law also prohibits online sales and makes vaping prohibited in places where smoking is prohibited, giving customs authorities the power to inspect, seize and confiscate goods entering the Central American country.

The law was passed by the National Assembly in 2021 and approved by Panamanian President Laurentino Cortizo Cohen nearly a year later on June 30, 2022. Previously, Panama banned the sale of vape in a 2014 Health Ministry decree.

The lawsuit filed by ARDT Panama argued that the ban violated the constitutional right to health (by depriving smokers of the option of safer alternatives) and accused the National Assembly of violating technical parliamentary rules when passing the bill. The Panamanian Association for Smoke-Free and Families and the Panamanian Association for Medicinal Cannabis also supported the legal challenge, according to the Financial Capital newspaper.

The court found that Bill 315 violated parliamentary procedures under Article 170 of the Panamanian Constitution, according to the La América Panama newspaper. It is not yet clear whether the high court has ruled on the challenge based on the right to health.

More than a dozen Latin American and Caribbean countries, including Brazil and Mexico, have implemented vape bans. Brazil, Latin America’s most populous country, recently decided to maintain and strengthen its ban.

This year’s Conference of the Member States of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) (COP 10) was held in Panama.

The effect of vape on quitting smoking has been confirmed

Obviously, vape has become the best choice for adults to quit smoking. Vape was originally invented to reduce dependence on cigarettes. Vape may have fewer harmful substances than traditional cigarettes and may have less impact on health. It has its advantages and disadvantages. But for those who need to quit smoking, using vape to quit smoking is a good choice. Vape is believed to reduce the harm caused by your choice of smoking. Due to its odorless nature, it is popular in public places, offices and other places, and will not produce ash, odor and other problems. Vape’s various flavors of e-liquid can also meet your different taste needs. When it comes to saving money, it is 70% cheaper than smoking.

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