Reynolds Tobacco Company recently filed a lawsuit with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), requesting an investigation and ban on the import of “illegal disposable vape products” by multiple companies under the U.S. Tariff Act.

Reynolds accuses the companies of violating federal law “including false advertising, violating registration and reporting requirements and sales restrictions under federal law, or violating customs laws and regulations.” Importing and selling vape products without government approval requires the ITC to issue a permanent import ban. !?

Key Companies Sued Include:

Disposable vape brands: Breeze, Elf Bar, etc.

Vape wholesalers: Element Vape, Price Point, etc.

Vape Retailer: Vape Sourcing and more

A total of 26 companies were sued this time, 13 companies each from China and the United States (usually only the plot of being besieged is shown, but unexpectedly, 1 beat 26)

Are Disposable Vapes Bad in the United State

The ITC has not yet made a decision on the complaint. The industry is worried that this move will force vape companies that are not large tobacco groups to operate underground.

Renault also claimed that if illegal competitors are excluded, it has the ability to meet market demand and fill gaps in the market.

“Renault has the ability to meet any increase in demand if the accused products are excluded from importation,” the complaint states. “Renault is willing to meet any increased demand and can do so within a commercially reasonable time because it has provided The industry supplies a wide range of nicotine delivery devices as well as oral tobacco and nicotine products.”
In addition, the regulation of vaping across the world has also shown different trends, including the implementation of flavor bans. So far, 6 countries around the world have implemented bans on vape and flavor additives:

Europe (3 countries)

Netherlands: Vape flavor ban to come into effect in January 2024

Lithuania: Flavor ban planned to come into effect in May 2023

Ukraine: Nationwide ban on vape flavoring additives

Central Asia(1 country)

Kazakhstan: Complete ban on vape and e-liquid products

South America (2 countries)

Venezuela: Complete ban on the use, manufacture and import of vapes

Suriname: Ban on the sale of all vape products

Some of these countries and regions have already implemented vape and flavor bans, while other countries (such as the United Kingdom, Denmark, etc.) are discussing or preparing to implement similar regulations. It is expected that regulation will continue to tighten and will become more intense.


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