The field of e-cigarettes is developing rapidly. According to a market research report released by Facts and Factors, the demand analysis value of the global e-cigarette market size and share revenue in 2021 is approximately US$17.4295 billion, and is expected to grow to US$42.90636 billion in 2028 and 2022. The annual growth rate during the period to 2028 is approximately 16.20%.

According to data from the General Administration of Customs, China’s total vape exports in 2023 exceeded 79.1 billion yuan. China absolutely dominates the vape market, offering diverse options that can satisfy different vape consumer preferences. This guide provides basic insights and tips on how to import or wholesale vape products from China.

Understanding the Vape Market:

– China dominates 95% of global vape production, with Shenzhen’s concentration reaching 70%, making it the world’s premier vape production center, attracting retailers and wholesalers seeking diversified products and competitive prices.
– In order to enter this vast market, it is crucial to stay on top of local market trends, such as the proliferation of pod-based systems, a focus on innovation and technology, and the shift to nicotine pouches for a smoother vape experience.
– Regulations in various countries and regions increasingly impose restrictions on vape sales. Although vaping is considered less harmful than traditional cigarettes, discussions continue about potential health risks and long-term effects.
– Regulatory frameworks vary around the world, with some countries imposing strict restrictions on sales and advertising to deter youth use and ensure product safety.
– When delving into importing or wholesale vaping, these factors must be carefully considered in order to adapt to the ever-changing regulatory environment and skillfully meet consumer demand.

1. Finding a Reliable Supplier

Research online or in trade directories: to find potential suppliers, of course, a company with a good reputation and positive reviews from other buyers is a must-have;

Verify supplier qualifications: such as business licenses, certifications, and production facilities. Check that they comply with industry standards and regulations.

Communication: Establish clear communication with potential suppliers. Ask detailed questions about their products, manufacturing processes, quality control measures, and any available customization options.

Samples: Request product samples to evaluate quality, performance and design. This will also give you a sense of the supplier’s reliability and commitment to meeting your requirements.

Quality Control: Product quality and international standards compliance serve as the basis for any competition. Ask your suppliers about their quality control procedures and ensure they have systems in place to maintain consistent product quality.

Factory tour: If possible, visit the supplier’s manufacturing facility to assess its production capabilities, quality standards, and overall reliability.

2. Customization and Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Be clear about the minimum order quantity (MOQ), pricing structure, payment terms and delivery time. Compare these factors from different vendors to make an informed decision.

Through customization, companies have the opportunity to differentiate their products and provide customers with a unique market advantage. Manufacturers often allow a certain degree of creative freedom, allowing customization of product packaging, specifications, and even the appearance of the product. While such personalized services may be more expensive, they require an increased minimum order quantity (MOQ) to offset initial costs and facilitate inventory management. However, it is crucial for smoke shop owners to work with smoke shop wholesale partners that offer flexible MOQ options (such as no minimum order requirements)!

This flexibility ensures that smoke shop owners can adjust their inventory to meet different customer preferences without incurring excessive upfront investments. Therefore, by partnering with a wholesaler or manufacturer who has clear minimum order quantities, pricing structures, payment terms, and delivery times, store owners can effectively manage inventory levels, minimize financial risks, and cater to customers’ changing tastes and need.

3. Work with Wholesale Vape Partners

Collaborating with wholesale vape partners is crucial for vape shops venturing into the e-cigarette industry. This partnership not only provides access to a diverse range of vaping products but also establishes connections with top manufacturers in the field. Wholesale dealers possess extensive knowledge of manufacturing, enabling them to identify producers adhering to quality, compliance, and safety standards. This insight is invaluable for organizations aiming to meet high customer demands. By partnering with reputable wholesalers, vape shops gain access to a vast network of trusted manufacturers, ensuring top-tier product stocks. This collaborative approach optimizes supply chains, mitigates sourcing risks, and facilitates the procurement of high-quality vape products.

4. Customization Options

Suppliers offer customization services encompassing product design, packaging, flavor varieties, and nicotine enhancement.

These tailored options empower companies to adapt products to meet specific market requirements effectively.

When considering importing or wholesaling vape products from China, VECEE should undoubtedly be at the top of your list. As a professional one-stop vape manufacturer and a sub-brand of Yocan, VECEE has been dedicated to crafting high-quality, innovative products since 2013. They specialize in disposable vapes, pod systems, batteries, and other smoking essentials.

VECEE aims to be a pioneering vape pen and customized vape hardware technology company, seamlessly integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, and marketing. Their disposable vapes and pod systems have garnered significant consumer acclaim. With strong partnerships across North America, Europe, Australia, South America, and the Middle East, VECEE is well-positioned globally.

Photo of VECEE disposable vape factory

The company holds ISO certification and upholds stringent quality control protocols to ensure every product meets elevated standards. VECEE surpasses CE/FCC/ROHS requirements, subjecting each unit to over 20 rigorous quality tests encompassing aging, suction resistance, voltage, capacity, and drop tests. This commitment ensures that their products excel in all aspects, meeting diverse customer needs effectively.

With VECEE, customers can entrust their needs as the company excels in turning concepts into reality and translating visions into tangible business value. Their proficient team of over 50 experienced R&D professionals, combined with a 100,000-level GMP standard workshop and a vast production area exceeding 10,000㎡, underscores their dedication to excellence. With an annual output exceeding 250 ID designs and a design conversion rate exceeding 80%, VECEE exemplifies professionalism, reliability, and exceptional e-cigarette manufacturing services.

In Conclusion

The import and wholesale of vape products from China play a pivotal role in tapping into the expanding e-cigarette culture, brimming with lucrative business prospects. Entrepreneurs who prioritize supplier reliability, product excellence, and strategic customization can effectively navigate market challenges, paving the way for thriving ventures.

Collaborating with a wholesale partner who connects with reputable manufacturers is indispensable. These alliances not only grant access to a diverse array of premium vape products but also impart invaluable insights from seasoned wholesalers. Such partnerships are vital to ensuring that vape shops deliver products that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Moreover, smoke shop wholesale partners offering flexible minimum order quantities empower businesses to maintain adaptable inventory levels, catering to evolving customer preferences without hefty upfront investments. This approach cultivates a brand image centered on quality and dependability, enabling vape stores to flourish and succeed in the dynamic vape market landscape.


  • How to Import Vape from China?

When looking for a Chinese vape supplier, the first consideration is credibility. Make sure they have good reviews and meet international quality standards. Order terms, including minimum order quantity, price and customization options, are negotiated before ordering. Always make sure your supplier understands the requirements and compliance documentation for exporting to your country. At the same time, understand the import regulations, taxes and product standards of the destination.

  • Can I Import Disposable Vapes?

Of course you can, but you need to understand the regulations governing such products in your country. For example, in the United States, there are special laws regarding nicotine content, packaging, and labeling. Make sure your products comply with these regulations to avoid legal issues and smooth customs clearance. A professional customs broker or freight forwarder can help deal with the complexities involved.

  • Can Vape Go Through Customs Smoothly?

When vape products are cleared through customs, they need to meet local regulations, including health and safety standards, labeling and nicotine content requirements. To expedite customs clearance, please provide all necessary documents such as invoices, certificates of conformity, and safety data sheets. You may have to face audits or inquiries, so it is recommended to seek the assistance of a customs broker or freight forwarder with in-depth knowledge of vape products to simplify the entire process.

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